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Infrastructure Audit

We audit your systems hardware, software, and third party connections to develop the most complete assessment report of your systems infrastructure.


Our SRE Team will provide you with, itemized and detailed recommendations of system changes. Then we can implement the changes for you, or you can do it in-house.

Performance Analysis

Knowing how your system responds to user requests is vital. Our SRE engineers will conduct a performance analysis of your systems performance.

We Fix It

Have a special requirement, or want our SRE experts to perform recommended changes for you? Great! we got you covered. Smiling users, is our goal.

SRE service packages to suit every need!

Each type of SRE service we provide is further optimized with custom performance tweaks!

System Infrastructure Audit


billed @ $120. hr

  • Networking
  • Servers
  • Computers
  • Infrastructure software
  • Data, storage
  • physical and virtual facilities
  • Processes evaluation
  • Policies assessment
  • Mobile and virtual functionality
  • View aggregate infrastructure capacity


System Performance Analysis


billed @ $120. hr

  • Throughput evaluation
  • Coverage across user network
  • Data accuracy
  • Infrastructure software
  • Data, storage
  • physical and virtual facilities
  • Mobile and virtual functionality
  • Latency
  • system errors
  • Graph systems report of elements performance


SRE fix Recommendations


billed @ $120. hr

  • Networking
  • SLO and SLI strategy
  • Servers
  • Computers
  • Infrastructure software
  • Data, storage enhancements
  • physical and virtual facilities commented
  • Processes modifications
  • Policy changes
  • Mobile and virtual functionality
  • Aggregate change recommendations report.


Contract Engineering Services

SRE Specialist
$120 hr

4 hour min

  • Custom requests
  • Load testing
  • UX monitoring
  • SLO formulation
  • SLI creation and implementation
  • SRE policy establishment
  • It staff training
  • System migration
  • Software changes testing
  • Remote system cloning and monitoring
  • Infrastructure software management
  • Data, storage management
  • physical and virtual facilities management
  • Complete end to end management


What people say

SRE enabled is to push out more features for our clients without suffering reliability. I highly recommend, SRE contract services for your business, it pays for itself.

Lucia Penelope CEO & Founder Geckoos

Farming out our SRE requirements has allowed to focus on our core business without the cost and distractions of managing another team.

Scott Adraison Managing Director

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Franklin Hadas Officer General

Why choose us

SRE Manager is a world  leading provider of Contract SRE services with over 50 years of combined It experience.

Technologically, business has evolved. Inter-connectivity, means that there is a cost benefit for small and large corporations alike. The resource savings by outsourcing your system SRE to us is enormous. Company car, office space, 401K, all gone.

Today, unhappy customers take to social media and ventilate their displeasure in minutes. Don’t discover that there is a problem with your SRE policies or  DevOps teams by encountering a barrage of user complaints on social media. By then,  the damage is done. CRE s are Client Reliability Engineers, that focus on customer-facing applications

No matter if you are a large corporation or a new internet startup, your website is your business. Our seasoned SRE engineering management team, can verify that you have adequate, infrastructure,  staff, policies and procedures in place to manage your system.

DevOps and SRE teams typically work one shift during normal working hours. Today, it can be catastrophic, to discover Monday morning that your website has been down for more than 24 hours. Our round the clock monitoring and on duty response teams will be there for you to put out any fires.

Some of the companies that use SRE Site Reliability Management Services

We have learned that every company is unique. That is true with their staff, company culture and their mix of technologies

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